April 24, 2005

Movies And Climbing

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Friday I stayed at work late to do some server work with Dennis. Saturday Kim and I went to see Finding Neverland. I thought it was going to be another Hook style movie about Peter Pan grown up, but it turned out to be about the writer of Peter Pan and was wonderful. Kim did some babysitting work Saturday night so I stayed at home and read and organized photos. Since Brian was nice enough to give me a flickr account it’s resparked my photo organizing kick.

Sunday Kim, Brian, Bridgid, Brian’s friend Mary and I went climbing out at exit 38. It turned out to be nice weather again despite earlier bad predictions. I’m really glad when I don’t listen to the weathermen. I always wonder about people who miss out on so much because of iffy weather reports. I think a lot of people just go do outdoor stuff when the weather prediction shows a bright sun. I led some 5.9′s and some 5.10′s, and everyone climbed very well. There was a guy named Jens at the crags by himself who we ended up climbing with and he was really good. He led a 5.10d that we probably wouldn’t have done otherwise, and he reled a 10.c when I got a rope stuck by trying to pull the rope through without undoing a knot at the end.

Mary had to be back at six, so we got back at 6:20. Not bad considering the large group we had climbing. The rest of us went to see a documentary at the Guild theater, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. It’s a small film only playing at a few theaters, but I’d say anyone who can see it should. I think documentaries are really beginning to fill a major role in education and entertainment. Perhaps I was just never aware of documentaries before, but I think they’ve really increased their stature in the film world, especially films like Fahrenheit 911, Bowling for Columbine and Super Size Me. It’s wonderful that documentaries are becoming not only very enlightening, but very entertaining.

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