August 18, 2006

Teatro ZinZanni

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For Kim’s going away present from Eco Encore she got a gift certificate to Teatro ZinZanni. It’s been a few years since I first took Kim there for her birthday and started her down the path to aerial performance. The show was very similar to what we saw then, so it was still very good. A lot of the people in the show were original cast members, so some of the routines were close to the same like the hat juggling. There was a couple on the trapeze who had an amazingly fast act, and by fast I mean they were moving fast. The guy was throwing the girl around like a little doll up above the dinner tables. Impressive. There was also a contortionist, an illusionist, too much singing by CeCe Penniston, and of course the 5 courses of food. I had the salmon and it was pretty good.

My favorite part of the evening though was the “chef” Cookie, who came out before every course and did a little character act. He started as a Baptist style preacher praising the cookbook in place of the good book. He was then a French playboy who wooed the ladies. My favorite character by far though was when he came out in outrageous drag doing a Marilyn Monroe impression while dressed as some sort of opera like huntress. All of these characters got someone from the audience for participation, and this one got a guy to wear a deer antler hat and prance around. You’d have to see it for it to be funny, but I was dying of laughter.

August 14, 2006

Cape Alava

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Kim and I took off for the Olympic Penninsula this weekend to camp near the ocean. The drive there took soooooooo long. It took us 2.5 hours to get on the Edmonds-Kingston ferry. We hiked in Friday night to camp near Wedding Rocks, some petroglyphs. Afterwards it was time to do the hike back out and the drive home. It was great to have a relaxing outdoor weekend with no phones, computers or even many people.