August 21, 2011

My First Triathlon

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I did a sprint distance triathlon today, so 750m swim, 16 mile bike ride and 3 mile run.

My worst event was definitely the swim. It’s the one I’ve been training the most for, although I’ve really not done enough training for any of it. I was much better prepared for my marathon a few years ago. The swim was hard partly because open water swimming was so much different from the practice I had done in the pool. I didn’t have a line to follow on the bottom of the pool, so I often would put my head down for a few strokes, and look up to realize I was headed the wrong way.

I didn’t have a fancy triathlon suit, so my first transition time was pretty slow. I also just did the bike portion on my mountain bike. I figured I wasn’t going to spend a ton of money on triathlon gear until I knew if I liked it. Turns out I did, so I’ll be doing another at some point, and probably getting some better gear.

Surprisingly, my best event for rank was the run. I’ve only done one run in the last month for training, and I felt pretty weak. I guess I didn’t push myself hard enough on the first two events, because I didn’t even feel that tired when I finished.

After the finish line, there was a beer tent with free beer. I couldn’t resist, but it’s definitely not the best idea to drink beer and when you’re really thirsty.


Portland Triathlon


Racer Number: 680
Gender: M
Age: 30
Representing: PORTLAND OR US
Chip Time Information
Actual Start Time: 00:00:00.000
Stop Time: 10:08:46.889
Chip Time: 01:56:46.8
Gun Time Information
Assigned Start Time: 08:12:00.000
Stop Time: 10:08:46.889
Gun Time: 01:56:46.8

Final Time: 01:56:46.8

Race Distance: Sprint Triathlon
Overall Placing
Place: 158
Time Back: 00:44:02.500
Gender Placing
Place: 123
Time Back: 00:44:02.500
Division Placing
Sprint M30-34 Place: 24
Time Back: 00:34:58.200
No Name Interval Time Total Time Pace Overall Place Overall Back Gender Place Gender Back Divsion Place Division Back
1 Swim 00:18:54.740 00:18:54.740 2:18.4 188 +9:31.5 126 +9:31.5 23 +8:05.0
2 T1 00:04:42.316 00:23:37.056 194 +3:02.6 131 +3:02.6 24 +2:12.9
3 Bike 01:03:26.460 01:27:03.516 15.5 155 +18:46.6 122 +18:46.6 24 +16:35.1
4 T2 00:01:08.084 01:28:11.600 45 +0:14.6 32 +0:14.6 9 +0:25.5
5 Run 00:28:35.289 01:56:46.889 9:13.3 140 +8:39.5 106 +8:39.5 23 +8:26.2