January 24, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

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  • We had a nice hike to Bagby Hotsprings yesterday. Didn't even have to wait in line. #
  • For the third tango class we learned to turn to the right. Ooooohhh… After class though we went social dancing Learned a lot more there #
  • Just finished reading Replay by Ken Grimwood. Great book. I love books and movies that deal with "time travel". #
  • Can't sleep now. Guess I'll try reading Godel Escher Bach. It's over 800 pages and amazing, but helps me sleep too. #
January 17, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17

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  • The tango dance class was still too easy last night, but fun nevertheless #
  • Saw Avatar again since I got free tickets from work. It's a fun movie, but man is it long. #
January 10, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-10

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  • Took our first tango dance class last night. It was fun, but a little too basic #
  • Brendan visited with us yesterday evening since he was in town for a bachelor party. #
  • Went snowshoeing at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood yesterday. Not much snow, but the sky cleared up for a great view. #
  • Studying Chinese a little today for fun. #

Snowshoeing Timberline

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It’s been too long since Kim and I got out in the snow, but we finally made it up to Timberline Lodge for some snowshoeing fun. Strangely, it was 42 degrees up there at 6000ft, so the snow was melting a lot. As we hiked up higher it got colder, and once the clouds cleared the view was awesome. We even got glances of Mt Jefferson to the south. Ubuntu loved the snow as usual.