March 16, 2009

Busy Weekends

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The last 3 weekends have been jam packed with activity. This has mostly been to do with Travis and Lucy’s wedding. Two weeks ago Jacob and Jesse came down from Seattle for Travis’ bachelor party. We took some guns and went out to the woods to shoot at toys we bought at the dollar store. The weekend of the wedding Jacob and Jesse were back with their better halves, and Jake even flew in from Italy and stayed with us for the weekend. We all helped setup for the wedding the night before, which was a good thing for Travis and Lucy cause there was a LOT to do.

The wedding was a blast. It was one of the most unique weddings I’ve seen too, with a bit of comedy built into the ceremony, donuts instead of cake and trivia in a basement. The other guests weren’t much for dancing or drinking, so we tried our darndest to make up for both. Alas, at the end of the night the keg was barely half empty, so we had to take it home and spend the next few days trying to kill it. Thankfully, Laura moved into our house that weekend, so she and her boyfriend Eric were able to help with that task. On top of all these happenings, it was Kim’s birthday, and I made her a special present this year involving memories. If you contributed you know what I mean. If not, ask me because I may have forgotten to include you in the gift and that was totally unintentional…

This last weekend Brendan come up from Sacramento for a visit. Unfortunately, Kim’s grandma passed away in the middle of the week and she flew back east, so wasn’t able to hang out. Fortunately, we had fun seeing the sites of Portland anyway. We spent quite a bit of time talking and I learned about some cool new stuff like where they give fascinating talks on a variety of subjects. We tried to see the free Battlestar Galactica showing at the Bagdad theater, but there was a line around the block over an hour before the show, so we didn’t get in. The next day we tried to go to the OMSI (science museum), but the parking lot was full and everything was ridiculously crowded. I guess we just kept picking overly popular activities. We did end up going to the Saturday market, watching the Urban Iditarod’s crazy costumed participants run around, touring the Portland Art Musem, taking Ubuntu to the dog park, visiting some other friend of Brendan’s, and eating a lot of good food.

Phew. Thank goodness it’s the work week and I can slow down again :-)