March 30, 2005

Fasting Ends

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We’re ending the fast a bit early since we’ve both lost a lot of weight and Kim isn’t feeling as well as she’d hoped. The first two days were definitely the hardest. The first day I just felt really hungry. The second day I didn’t feel physically hungry, but the cravings were intense. I was really craving burritos. I also felt really crappy for a while, but everything we read says that’s to be expected at times. It’s your body’s reaction to the stored waste in your body that’s being brought out. The third day I actually felt great, but I had lost more than 5% of my body weight, a little over ten pounds, which they don’t recommend. Kim, however, wasn’t feeling well and had also lost more than 10 pounds, which is a bit more drastic for her. She really wanted to do all five days, but I think it’s wise for her to stop considering her weight loss. Tomorrow I get to eat! Hardly anything, but still.

March 27, 2005

Fasting Begins

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After a lot of research Kim and I are undertaking a 5 day fast. Today is the let down day where we eat as little as possible, and only fresh fruits and veggies. Tomorrow we’ll only be drinking juice or broth a couple times a day for five days. This is followed by 4 days of breaking the fast until we can eat normally again. The purpose is to detoxify our bodies. Should be interesting.

March 20, 2005

Hiking Mt Si And The Sea Monster

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Kim and I intended to go climbing at Vantage this weekend, but the weather didn’t cooperate. Instead we decided to hike Mt Si. Four miles up, four miles down and more than 4000 feet. It was also raining and blowing rain sideways near the top. It’s probably the most hiked trail in the state though. We got a bit of a late start and there were still a ton of people on the trail. It was nice too get out, even in bad weather.

When we got back we wanted to go see Me First and the Gimme Gimmes at El Corazon, but they were sold out. Fortunately, we managed to find another really cool bar with great music. We frantically searched the pages of the Stranger and found the Sea Monster Lounge in Wallingord.

There’s small private rooms with couches, no smoking, a healthy vegetarian menu, and really good music. Jacob, Waleska, Jesse and Deborah were all there too. We showed up early so didn’t have to pay cover and got good seats in one of the private rooms with a skylight. The music was funk by Darrius Willrich with w/ Thaddeus Turner, Gerald Turner, and Davy C. Besides being good, it also just wasn’t overpowering. Normally bar bands are way too loud in my opinion so that you can’t even have a small conversation. We talked, drank and danced, and all had a good time. Kim wants to go back there every weekend now.

March 13, 2005

Starting A Garden

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Crazy people that Kim and I are, and since we have too much time on our hands, we’ve decided to tear up some of our perfectly beautiful grass to start a garden. We went down to Home Depot and rented a tiller for four hours. I guess I never really appreciated quite how tough grass really is and how hard it must have been to plow fields before engines. Good old oxen. We finally got to make use of our compost. Kim’s already started planting some of the seeds that need to be started indoors like tomatoes and brocolli. I just know that I’m going to be incredibly sore for the next few days.

March 12, 2005

Acrobat Class, Partying And Hiking

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Already quite a busy weekend. Friday night Kim and I went to an acrobatic class. We worked on trapeze, rings and the rope. I was better at some of the trapeze stunts, but Kim kicked ass on the rope. She’s already doing tricks that some people who have been going for 3-4 weeks are just doing.

Saturday we drove up to highway 20 toward the North Cascade National Park. It was great scenery and we did a little over 4 mile hike. It was an easy hike to a small mountain lake. We saw a few pileated woodpeckers and heard an owl.

Afterwards we went to Laura’s house in Mt Vernon. They were throwing a sweats and uniform party. Most people were wearing sweats. Kim got a nurse’s shirt and I wore sweats and a soccer jersey. It was fun just hanging out and talking, but then a live band showed up. You might think that would be cool, but they were awful and too loud. The party moved outside for a while to get away from them, even shutting off the power. The band didn’t take the hint though and thought that they were cool and blew a fuse. Finally they stopped and we went home shortly after.