August 26, 2008

Silver Falls State Park

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Getting cozy in the falls

We finally got outside this summer. Portland has just kept us too busy these last couple months. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved all the stuff we’ve had to do recently (out of town visitors, street festivals, beer festivals, board gaming, biking, parks, bars, concerts, etc), but it was time to get out. So we went camping and hiking with our new friends Justin and Rachael at Silver Falls State Park.

We headed down Friday night, about an hour and a half drive, and totally lucked out by getting the last open camp site. Phew. Saturday morning we started hiking the trail of the ten falls. Can you guess why it’s named that? That’s right, ten waterfalls, and all crammed into an eight mile loop. There were even a few we stopped to swim in even though the water was not very warm. We took our time, so it took us a little over six hours. At the end we were hungry.

Can you see the face?

We had bought plenty of food for the campsite, but we figured we’d check out the cute little town of Silverton not to far from the park. We picked the Red Thai Room, but it was pretty darned expensive and only pretty good, so we were still hungry. So we walked around and ended up at the little, family Mexican restaurant. Big mistake. We ordered quesadillas and it was the worst cheese ever. Oh well.

After dinner we went back to camp to enjoy a fire and some cocoa and 99 bananas. Some rowdy neighbors moved in next door and were a tad annoying, but that mostly just meant that we didn’t stand out as the noisy ones for just talking late into the night.

We had to return home Sunday morning for Kim’s work, but it was a great outing that was long overdue.