May 29, 2006

Sasquatch Fest

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Three days of music at the Gorge! IMG_3709Travis, Kim and I drove out Friday afternoon, setup free camp near the feathers, and went to see some angry music. Friday night was a little overly angry, and by the time NIN came on stage, I was a little tired of the anger. NIN was a good show nonetheless. Our campsite looked out over a waterfall and was very nice. Travis got eaten alive by mosquitos, but Kim and I were fine.

IMG_3671Saturday was a crazy day. That was the day of a 20 minute hail storm and the best performance of the weekend. It was a warm day, people were wearing shorts and tshirts, we were hanging out on the grass with Jessie and friends. Late afternoon during Neko Case’s set an ominous black cloud rolled in and dumped nickel sized hail on us forever. We had rain gear, but it couldn’t stop us from getting a bit wet with all that hail. I think a lot of people left for good after that storm. They started letting people go out to their cars and come back. The music was delayed for a couple hours, but when they got back on schedule Ben Harper put on a really good set. I’ve never really liked the Ben Harper they play on the radio (too poppy), but he did a really good live set. Then… The Flaming Lips played! IMG_3691They had to coolest toys, and the funnest set. The lead singer started the show inside a bubble that he rolled over the crowd in. Flaming Lips groupies dressed as Santa and aliens were on either side of the stage. There were a bunch of streamers. They covered Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. They played until 2 in the morning. THAT was a good show.

Sunday was fun too, but Beck was a little disappointing. He didn’t do any dancing on stage. There was another guy who did. He just didn’t seem into it. He didn’t really do an encore and left early. They did have a cool puppet show in the background that was an exact replica of the band set. After the show we drove back to Seattle and I was TIRED.

May 25, 2006

Kim The Aerialist

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After months of training, Kim is ready to show off! Last night she did a group piece with her fellow students, although now she really wishes she had done a solo. I was impressed with the quality and variety of performers. I thought it was going to be very amateur, but everyone was very good. Kim was flipping, hanging, spinning and looking good in her tutu. Jake, Jessie, Jesse from EcoEncore, Bridgid, Gabe and Dennis and his kids all came to watch. Kim’s group piece was at the end. The show was a benefit for villages in Nepal. I’d describe the show more, but Kim’s got some good pictures online which will do it much better justice.

May 1, 2006

Crazy Hair Week

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I’d finally had it with my long hair so I decided to cut it off. But before that… I figure I’d have a little fun with it. I’d always wanted to do a mohawk, so I did. I did a different hairdo practically everyday, including spikes and cornrows, so see all the pictures on Flickr. I haven’t posted any of my pictures of when I spiked yet, but check back later and they’ll be there. My favorite do was the really tall mohawk. It was so big that I had trouble getting into my car to get to work. People at work loved it. I was worried some people might be bothered by it, but I didn’t hear of anyone, and most people I think it made their day to see what crazy hair style I’d come in with next. I was featured in the company newsletter and some people said they’d nominate me for employee of the month. I let the mohawk be floppy for one day of climbing and I really didn’t like it, but Kim did. Keeping it spiked is too much work though, so I finally did cut it all short. It feels sooooo nice though, especially now that it’s warming up.