July 27, 2007

Kim’s Food Blog and Recipe Site

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I should have posted a link to this a while ago, but I helped Kim setup a blog where she’s showing off her culinary creations. Go to www.kimmykokonut.com and see the fun stuff she’s been doing including lots of bread, kombucha and other cultured foods.

Also in the works is an online cookbook that I’m developing that will allow people have their recipes online and searchable. Check out the Cooking Compendium. The most unique feature and reason I’m doing it for Kim is food costing. At some point it will also be able to calculate nutritional information. It’s still in progress, so I welcome any feedback or bug reports. Share some of your favorite recipes with us too :-)

July 9, 2007

Not Meditating Makes Me Realize The Benefits

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For a few months I was doing really well with this goal. Almost every evening for more than two months month I was sitting down for 20 minutes to an hour to sit quietly and practice some form of meditation. It was a pleasant experience, but I didn’t feel like it was changing my life.

I’m not sure what happened, but suddenly I just stopped for the last couple months – and that’s when I noticed some things start to slip. I realized I wasn’t able to focus on things as deeply as I had been. I felt less in control of my moods. I was less organized and more scatterbrained. I felt stressed by things that I knew weren’t that big a deal.

I think the benefits of a daily meditation practice take longer to develop than they do to fade away once you stop, so they’re more noticeable when you quit. So now I’m looking forward to recommitting myself to this goal and enjoying all those benefits again.