Puyallup Fair

September 27th, 2005
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Dad Visits

September 12th, 2005
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September 5, 2005

Bumbershoot 2005

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I only went to one day of Bumbershoot this year. (more…)

September 2, 2005

Brian’s South American travels

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My friend Brian has been traveling through Peru and Bolivia, doing all sorts of cool stuff that I’m jealous of, and he’s documenting the travels with a lot of great detail in his blog (not to be confused with the comically teenaged blog by a different Brian Alexander). I wish there had been such a good way to share my travels when I was in Egypt or China.

I really liked one of his latest entries about his trip to the mines near Potosi. I can’t wait to see pictures.

I realized after these weeks of reading his blog that I really didn’t know the geography and had little idea where he was, so I put together a little map of his travels so far and the order of cities that he’s visited. I wanted to just use google maps or something like that to make the map, but they haven’t mapped out much outside the U.S. and Europe, so I just drew it on a little jpg. I may have misread or missed something, but this is the list of cities he’s travelled to:


  • Lima July 19
  • Arequipa July 21
  • Puno July 24
  • Uros Islands July 26
  • Tequile Island July 26


  • Copacabana July 29
  • La Paz July 31
  • Coroico Aug 2
  • Rurrenabaque Aug 4
  • Pampas Aug 8
  • Trinidad Aug 15
  • Santa Cruz Aug 17
  • Bermejo Aug 22
  • Cochabamba Aug 23
  • Punata Aug 23
  • Sucre Aug 26th
  • Potosi Aug 29th