March 8, 2010

Florida: First Vacation Stop

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A long overdue vacation finally happened. First stop was Florida to see family and friends. You’d think Florida would be a nice spring break destination, but when we got there it was colder than when we left Portland. It was still great to visit people.

We started off at Kim’s parents and the big event there – baby shower. That’s right, Kim has finally decided it’s okay to announce online: she’s pregnant! So Kim’s mom organized a baby shower and her friends from the mahjong group all got Kim adorable outfits.

From there we went to visit our friends Becca and Michael who used to live in Seattle, but have been living in Africa for the last few years. Michael works with primates, so he’s now the director at a lemur reserve in the middle of nowhere Florida. It was really awesome because we got to go and see the lemurs up close. I brought a guitar and played for them which was interesting. Perhaps the most interesting was when I put the guitar on the ground and a lemur decided to hump it a little.

After a night visiting with Becca and Michael we went to Kim’s grandmas close by. Becca and Michael came with us because it was time to go to the circus! The Sarasota circus was surprisingly good. There was aerial, trained dogs and a highwire act with 8 people on the wire at once! From there we had a couple good days with Kim’s grandma going to beach and eating her homemade lasagna.

From there – Cancun!

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