March 1, 2008

Cordoba – I Give You Permission to Skip This One

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The first thing our guidebook says about Cordoba is that it was named the “cultural capital of the americas”. We didn’t see it, especially after being in Buenos Aires. We got there on a Saturday, but by 2PM on Saturday the town was completely dead. We expect that on Sundays, but aparently most of the weekend is like a ghost town here. The town was also not very pretty with lots of dust and garbage in the streets. We looked up the cultural events, but weren’t excited by anything going on. So we bought our tickets outta town for the next night. Unfortuantely that meant spending all day Sunday here too, which was just as dull.

We stayed at another hostal where it was all Israeli’s, which was more fun this time since they actually talked to us in something besides Hebrew and we had a private room, so they’re staying up all night didn’t affect us as much.

From here on to Salta!

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