September 10, 2007

Washington to Connecticut

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I’ve been outta work for close to two weeks now and am loving it. So far it’s an extended vacation without that return date looming at the end. Getting moved out of our apartment was more work than expected but very rewarding. We got rid of tons of stuff and managed to fit pretty much everything we own into and 5′ x 8′ U-Haul trailer, which we drove back to my parents in Eastern Washington.

We spent about a week with my parents visiting with family and taking care of last minute details. Nathan and Katie even stopped by. I did the Rat Island Swim, and annual event that my dad and his friend Pat started and for the most part have been the only participants in :-) We didn’t have to go anywhere far from home since all the family came to visit us. It was a great chance to relax and unwind after the semi-frantic moving and goodbyeing in Seattle.

Ithaca’s Gorgeous Gorges

We went to Ithaca, New York, with Abbey over the weekend to visit Kim’s friend from high school, Karla. We had a blast seeing the gorgeous gorges and the town. We played in some waterfalls and jumped in the deep pools. For dinner we ate at Moosewood and Kim has a very detailed review of Moosewood. After dinner we went to the ABC cafe for dessert, and then to a bar to listen to live reggae and enjoy 50 something beers on tap. It poured most of the weekend there, but it sounds like everywhere in the Northeast has been needing the rain.

Now we’re in Connecticut visiting Kim’s friends and family, including some eatin at China Pan.

We’ll be off to Florida in a couple of days. Then Peru.

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