April 26, 2007


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Here’s another post that I forgot to publish about the Iraq war from Les, my friend in the army.

What has happened to this nation’s ability to become angry? What has happened to our righteous indignation over the death of our Soldiers? Where is the public outcry when terrorists detonate a tank full of chlorine on a crowd of civilians, burning their lungs and subjecting them to a horrible death over next few days as they choke to death on their own mucous? How about when they hack the heads off of our citizens with a blade that is deliberately so dull it takes several swings before it comes off? How about when they lob mortars with a careless disregard and blow up a playground full of kids? Or how about the man who gives a ticking time bomb to a ten year old kid that detonates on him, blowing of his hands and peppering him with shrapnel? I have seen all of these events, and what makes the news, people crying that we should get out. Have we become so cowardly that when evil raises its head we run and hide? It didn’t used to be this way, there was once a time when any one of these would have had people lining up to get the enemy, when crimes like these would not stand before the righteous. The News and the public should be calling for blood and vengeance on the people who would act with such malevolence. Instead of calls for withdrawal, there should be accusations that we have not prosecuted this war aggressively enough. Instead of bemoaning the loss of our service members, we should be kicking down doors in pursuit of those behind their deaths. There should be no question that that those who would dare to harm our citizens will be hounded like the dogs they are. It does not matter why we have gone to war at this point, what matters is that there are evil men here that need to be stopped. If we can longer find righteous anger within ourselves than perhaps “land of the free, and home of the brave,” is the last lament of a dying nation.


  1. “It does not matter why we have gone to war at this point…” Unfortunately, I think “why” we went to war is paramount to the issue. I feel that we were lied into an unnecessary war, and that many of those “evil” people view the occupiers in the same way… as evil occupiers of their country, looking to pillage and plunder their natural resources. Anyway, two sides of every opinion.

    Comment by freshtracks — July 10, 2007 @ 9:56 pm

  2. For those involved, the past has little impact on the present. It is true that many local nationals may view Americans as occupiers. In the end however, you have to pick a side. After seeing the callous disregard for human life on their part and the almost impossible level of resraint exercised by our forces I think I know which side to vote for.

    Comment by lsjr1409 — August 10, 2007 @ 12:50 am

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