November 7, 2005


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I saw the Decemberists play in Portland this weekend at the Roseland Theatre. I first heard of the Decemberists when the lead singer, Colin Meloy, was the warmup act for the Violent Femmes, and I really liked the music. The way I understand, the band calls Portland home, although I couldn’t verify that and I know the lead singer is from Montana. Regardless, the show in Portland felt like a homecoming for the band, and the audience was really into it, especially since they were filming the show for a live DVD. There were cameras everywhere, and one was on a long boom arm that hung over the audience.

We sat up in the balcony instead of standing down below. My only complaint about the theater is there’s some posts in the middle of the room that block your view. The highlight of the show was the Mariner’s Revenge song, complete with cardboard whale. I wondered if they’d play a song live that’s already 9 minutes recorded, and was very pleased that they did. I loved the instrumentation of the band: keyboard, accordian, violin, drums, electric guitar, horizontal slide guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, xylophone, saxaphone, trumpet and a few other assorted instruments. They aren’t all played at the same time of course, but it’s quite a setup. Colin Meloy’s voice is very unique too.

I found another good review of the show. Colin Meloy will be touring solo and his first stop is Seattle, so I may have to check it out.

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