August 24, 2005

Monsters of Accordion

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Jason Webley’s concerts are always a blast. Throw in a few more accordions and it’s even more fun. Aaron Seeman’s technical accordion playing is incredible. I’d probably appreciate it even more if I had ever really listened to Dead Kennedys. All three performers were real showmen too. Jason played an accordion cover of Outkast’s “Hey Ya”. Not a very good one, but lots of fun. Jason finished the show singing the drinking song with everyone’s arms around each other swaying back and forth.

I feel kinda jealous of Jason Webley and the extremely interesting life it sounds like he leads, at least on stage and traveling to play music. I don’t usually feel like that about musicians, even the famous rock stars. Rock stars have all the problems of being out of touch with reality and being constantly hounded. Every Jason Webley show I go to he seems to be a rock star with a ‘cult’ kind of following, but after the show his fans seem more like friends than crazed groupies and stalkers. There’s just a feeling you get at and after his shows that’s nothing like a normal concert feeling. I’m looking forward to his Halloween show this year. I can’t believe I missed it last year.

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