April 10, 2005

Bachelor Weekend

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Kim is gone for the weekend on the east coast for Effie’s bridal shower, so I have the house to myself this weekend. I haven’t been doing dishes or picking up after myself for a few days, and it’s nice for a little while. I’m going to clean up the kitchen in a little bit before I pick Kim up at the airport though.

Today I’ve been working on putting timer switches on the fans in the upstairs bathroom. It’s a pain though since the electrical box that they had in the wall isn’t large enough. It’s a single gang box that they put two little switches in. I got a retrofit electrical box, sawed a bigger hole in the wall, and put the new box in. I don’t think whoever wired the house originally did a very good job either. There’s really not enough extra wire in the boxes so it’s a royal pain to try to get everything organized. They also wired a lot of things in series, so that if you flip a switch the outlets also lose power. They also apparently never heard of a three way switch. I also patched a few holes in the wall that I made when I put in a new shower head. The shower head when we moved in was probably at 5 and half feet, which doesn’t work well for most people. Normally it wouldn’t be too hard to thread in a new shower head, but they didn’t put a board in the wall to brace the pipes, so when you tried to thread the new shower head arm into the wall, the pipes in the wall moved. Had to punch a few holes to get the threading to work.

Yesterday some friends and I went to a Mariners game since I got some tickets from work. The tickets are some of the best you could ask for. Travis, Brian, Jesse and I were three rows behind the Mariner dougout. The game was going well until the top of the ninth when the closing pitcher the Mariners brought in gave up two homeruns and Brett Boone had an error to let an extra guy on base, thereby losing the lead. And it started to rain then too. It was fun to watch the roof close, even if it took 15 minutes.

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  1. Sounds like you’re a very handy guy around the house. It should be no surprise that the builder took shortcuts during the original construction. I would like to get a turn in those Krakow seats at Safeco!

    Comment by Martin — April 22, 2005 @ 8:29 am

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