April 1, 2005

April Fools!

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At work the partners cooked breakfast for everyone. Unfortunately I can’t eat any of it since I’m still coming down from my fast. Breaking the fast is actually a lot harder than fasting I think. The temptation to stuff my face is huge, but doing so would probably leave me feeling pretty bad. We’ve been mostly eating apples, raw veggies, yogurt, soup and some crackers. It’s good to eat again, but the food cravings are back now that my body knows that it gets food again. I get full incredibly easily.

Dennis and I had an April Fools surprise for our office today. We set a bunch of joke programs to run at logon for everyone. One program turns the caps lock key on and off every few second. This one’s my personal favorite. It sounds a bit lame, but watching someone try to type is priceless. PEOPLe end up sendiNG EMAILS THAT Look a lot like this last SENTENCE. There were a bunch of other little pranks but most weren’t so noticeable. One of the funniest things today was the fart sound that we set to play ever hour or so. Most people didn’t notice it because they don’t have their speakers on, but the HR manager came over and insisted that her computer was farting and that it wasn’t her. Pranks and computers just go together.

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